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Summer Success

Summer Success

This week we have seen Auckland drop down to “Level 3” and potentially we are on the horizon of entering back in the gym in 2 weeks time once we get to “Level 2” …

We know for a lot of us it’s been a tricky 5 weeks and our routines have been flipped on it’s head.

  • We have gone from training consistently to just trying to squeeze some sort of exercise in.

  • Following a consistent eating plan to grabbing a few freshly baked goodies as we walk through the kitchen…

  • Or we had goals or competitions that we were training for only for them to be potentially postponed or cancelled.

Not to worry team, we are here to give you some ideas and habits to introduce from today to kickstart us for the rest of the year and beyond.

Below we have put our ideas into sub categories to easily road map our success moving forward…


Even though a lot of us are still working from home and working flexible hours in Level 3 doesn’t mean we can’t get our “flow back” . So here we go….

  1. Set your training times, if you normally train in the mornings then start setting your alarm for that same time. If you are a afternoon or evening trainer then make sure you stop work before the class time you would normally attend.

  2. Lay out your training clothes and pack a training bag the night before … we understand this sounds odd. But trust us this works and it starts to install habits and accountability to get our training times back on track.

  3. When you are training go through the same routine you would in a “class environment” … go through a warm up and stretch routine … hit the strength or skill to a time limit and then finish off with conditioning or the daily WOD (workout of the day ).


Ok team let’s reign in our eating , put the baked goods down, limit those mid week drinks and if you like to open the pantry door to grab a snack when your walking passed this section is for you….

  1. There are a few different options when it come to getting nutrition sorted … we can get a plan designed for us where we work off our daily “macro nutrients” from here we track them on a app. This keeps us accountable, teaches us what to eat and how consistent our meal time should be.

  2. Set yourself a weekly menu and food prep for a few days in a row… that way you always have meals ready to go and it will limit snacking when we are starving.

  3. Limit food that are processed : chips, biscuits , lollies , soft drinks etc and sub them out for “whole foods”.

  4. Let’s ditch those mid week Beers, wines or cocktails … we don’t have to cut them out completely however maybe use them as a reward. For example “if I train 3-5 times this week and turn up to all my sessions, I’m going to have a few drinks this weekend” . See it’s a win win situation.


  1. Plan some goals , give yourself 3 options… 1 month - 3 month - 6month. From here we can establish a game plan and habits to implement to get us to reach these goals.

  2. The “CrossFit Open” is starting the 24th February 2022 … please don’t scroll passed just hear me out . That’s 21 weeks away, we believe this is a awesome thing to train for …. WHY ? This is a worldwide competition where you can go up against people all around the globe across multiple skill levels and division, The bonus is that it is done in the comfort of your own gym, with the support of your own community and the guidance of the coaches. Every year we have had members who were hesitant at first but after the 3 weeks of the Open they loved it.

  3. Train for life and movement … this is one of our favourites . Our goal and mission is to see “everyday people, doing extraordinary things” … this includes being fitter, stronger and healthier to run around with our kids/grandkids , being able to complete a 1/2 or full marathon or just creating and implementing new habits that are going to achieve longevity and energy toward multiple parts of our life, career and future.

We hope you have enjoyed this piece and please if you have any questions or need some guidance get in touch with us.

Looking forward to the rest of 2021 and beyond.


The Kia Maia coaching team

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