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6 tips to kickstart 2023

For a lot of us this will be our first proper week of training back in the gym while also introducing other routines and work schedules that we didn’t have over the Christmas and New year holiday.

So we thought we would put together 6 tips to help you succeed in your fitness journey and get you crushing those goals for 2023.

  1. PLAN : grab your diary, phone calendar, organiser or whichever you use and write down your training session times like you would a meeting or appointment.

  2. PREPARE : Meal prep or pre plan your food for the next day… this will save the temptation of eating out . While we are on the “prepare tip” layout your training gear the night before to … so it’s all good to go when your alarm goes off

  3. CONSISTENCY : we all understand that this plays are huge part in accomplishing our “Goals” , showing up to each training session through the week… even if we are low on energy or had a stressful day just get in a move for 30minutes

  4. EXPECTATION : we are getting back into the training groove this week and we may feel a little of the pace … DON’T beat yourself up, trust us your fitness, strength and mindset will be back in no time, but for this week just enjoy being back in the atmosphere of the community.

  5. TAKE AWAY’S : No No not burgers and fries … what we want you to do is take 2 things away from each workout.

A. Something you were really happy that you did today at the gym or in the workout.

B. Something that you feel you could or would like to do better/ work on. Again this isn’t beating yourself up but more giving you a pathway of something to achieve.

6. HAVE FUN, ENJOY THE PROGRAM & TRUST THE PROCESS … 2023 is going to be epic for everyone and we can’t wait to see you all smash it.

We hope these tips help and please if you have any questions please flick us a message or email.


The Kia Maia Coaches

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