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Yep it’s common and we as coaches see it from time to time…

You’ve got a goal …. A comp, to lose 5kg , to get stronger or simply just feel better.

You train your ass off for 3-6 months to reach that special thing , you plan your training schedule around your busy life … pre pack meals and training gear to make it as seamless as possible.

Why ???

Because your motivated, it’s exciting and it’s something that is holding you accountable.

Then the day comes, you’ve made it and to be honest you’ve smashed it out of the park… all that hard work has payed off and the sense of accomplishment you feel is on a all time high. And to be honest everyone that was in your support circle is proud of you to .


The “Post effect” kicks in . There is 2 roads this part can take you down.

1. You never really take anytime to step back and celebrate your success and accomplishment… or just simply look how far you’ve come. You simply pick something else or move the goal posts further and get back to work. Don’t get me wrong we want motivation on the next journey but first you need a couple of weeks to Deload and to simply be proud of what you’ve done. If we don’t do this every 3-6 months then “training “ will start to feel like a slog and burn out can kick in.

2. You simply just don’t know what to do next… you’ve gone all in on the last 3-6 months , it was all head down and get to work. Now that the event has passed you are in “no man’s land”. Well this can be simple fix … yep as obvious as it sounds “find another goal” . BUT here is the kicker …. This can be anything , you could get stronger, better at Bodyweight training, fitter or simply look better for the warmer months. This where our coaches come into play, we are here to help and guide you in your next journey.


  1. Just how epic it was when you crushed that goal.

  2. How good it felt after your training session. Energy was up, you were getting fitter and stronger.

  3. How noticeable your progress was on a weekly scale.

Well these are all feelings we can have on a weekly schedule again, we just need to tap into what you want to get after.

So if your feeling like this at the moment, take a hour … go and grab a coffee or a drink, sit down for a hour and think about what you want your training to lead to.


If it helps more or you need guidance, come and chat to one of the Kia Maia coaches… I’m sure between us we can get you to your next thing together.

So there you go team, we hope this help and we are excited to see what the next 6 months of training brings you.


The Kia Maia coaches.

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