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Plan your workouts into your week.

Plan your workouts into your week.

One of the biggest things that works for me and many of the people I have the privilege to train and to train with, is that all pre plan their training week. If you block it out in your diary and make it a "non negotiable" to not change it, you will find your training consistency will go through the roof. To make this work though, you have to be strict and book stuff around this time slot. Another thing that could help is set reminders or alarms leading up to your "gym time", this will get you excited for what's to come but can also get you in the mindset of "pre workout nutrition". You will find yourself way more accountable if you have reminders and alerts telling you to get to the gym or to wake up for the gym. Get involved in the gym community. It can be as simple as chatting to a few of the coaches or finding friends in a class time that suits you, making these relationships with others will keep you coming back. The most beneficial and fun part of CrossFit is the awesome community. You will soon realise that through these connections, your friends are just as excited to hit the workout with you as you are with them, this way you are much more likely to come at a consistent time. One of the biggest things I love about CrossFit is the fun, supportive and encouraging atmosphere through and at the end of a workout. So remember to make an effort to encourage others during the workout, help clean up equipment, come early or stay late and chat while stretching. You will soon find you have heaps in common with other members. Set Goals and have something to work towards. Yep it is that time of year, when everyone is setting Summer Goals, they think of it in their head or loosely mention it to someone but then become side tracked. Did you know that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down on a regular basis? So in order to make this a productive exercise, go out and grab yourself a diary or notebook and write down your upcoming goals, you could even add in your 1,3 and 5 year goals. From here make sure every month you revisit those goals, write how you are aiming to achieve them and how you have improved in the last 30 days. By doing this you can see what you have accomplished in the last month but also stay focussed and motivated of that bigger goal at the end. Find inspiration Find out what truly inspires you and what your driving force is. Is it competing in the sport of CrossFit , to look better naked or are your driven from motivational quotes and stories from famous and world key figures. Whatever your inspiration, find it and hold onto it. Staying inspired will keep you consistent and creating healthy habits. Nutrition is Gold So many people stop going to the gym, as they feel the results don't show their "hard work" in the gym. However, they simply ignore or forget the fact that their diet can make or break their goals. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or increase endurance, what you put into your body matters. When you see results from your hard work in the gym, you are more likely to be consistent. When you are more consistent, the better your results will be. Remember to weigh, measure or tighten up your eating to get where you want to be. I hope this has helped team, please if you have any questions then please ask away. Email : WANT TO TRY CROSSFIT?

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