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My thoughts on a place i love

I’ve been asked a lot over the last few days of what my thoughts are on the recent events and comments by a certain CEO (recently retired) .

So here it goes... from the day it happened until now I have sat back and deeply thought about what road I will take going forward, I have touched base with who I feel are well respected coaches, owners and mates that I value, and I am taken the time to reach out to the KM community and ask their views on the matter...

For me I am playing the long game, this has always been where I know I make the best decision. I have found when I have ever made a quick decision, a decision or reply in a state of rage/anger or disappointment, or even something I have decided without knowing the fall story then this is where things can go wrong.

However : this is where I am at... I found CrossFit 9 years ago as a way of keeping fit in my league off season... I didn’t at the time know who the CEO was nor did I turn up to my trial because I heard who he was.

What I did know, it was a style of training and a methodology that I was keen on, the community aspect was something incredible a lot like many of teams I had been part of since a young age.

8 years ago myself and Amanda decided to open our own Affiliate... again this is because I truely believed in this form of training and I wanted to make it available to the surrounded area, we built our own brand and biased or not a pretty AMAZING COMMUNITY was born.

By having this facility it has given us the chance not only to be surrounded by awesome people but to also build a Epic team of coaches.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible if I never stumbled upon this methodology.

So where do I stand on what I am going to do ???

Well... all I can say is: 1 mans comments and actions don’t speak for all if not any of us, he may of came up with the brand... but he didn’t put in the sleepless night, 16 hour days and working 2 jobs to keep the doors open in the early days, he didn’t organise all those in house comps, road trips to cheers on our mates or yearly XMas parties ... and he sure didn’t create all those friendships, relationships and memories that will last.

Myself and Amanda will make our decision when the time is right... and by that I mean when we feel we have laid the foundations to what is the best for the Kia Maia community, our family and friends.

Thanks for reading


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