Mindset Monday


I want to say congrats to you all for surviving yet another week of Level 4 Lockdown. No matter what coping strategies you are using I am sure there would have been some imperfect moments or days within the last week where you were sick of being in lockdown and were tempted to lock yourself in the garage and skull a bottle of wine (or is that just me?).

Whether you can relate to the wine skulling or not you have survived five weeks, and it is important to acknowledge that not everyday is going to be great. If you feel like you failed to be positive for a day or didn’t get the workout done that you set out to do because you couldn’t snatch your 50% weight and started crying (or is that just me again?) then that is A-Okay… and in fact, normal!!

In a time of unknowns, of feeling overwhelmed, and of stressors being thrown your way from multiple angles, nobody is expecting you to be perfect or to always achieve what you set out to do. If you sat down last Monday and told yourself you would get up at 7am each day for the next week and workout but you only managed to do that for 4 out of 7 days, it is easy to sit there and feel like you have failed, but we need to look at 4 out of 7 as a glass half full situation as opposed to the glass being half empty. This will not last forever, we will once again be allowed back into the gym to suffer through a gymnastics heavy WOD and you will once again have to listen my bad jokes at 5am on a Monday.

This leads me into today’s Mental Health Monday blog post topic: SURVIVING V.S. THRIVING.

At the beginning of this blog post I congratulated you all on “surviving” another week of Level 4 Lockdown… notice that I did not say “thriving” within another week of Level 4 Lockdown.

Level 4 might not be the time for PBs, it may not be the time for writing the best assignment of your life, it may not be the time that you decide to limit the kids screen time, it may not be the time that you decide to cut all refined sugar out of your life, and it may not be the time for feeling emotionally or physically at your peak.

Right now, may in fact be the time for introducing some low intensity movement into your routine just to get your body moving when you are feeling flat, it may be the time for setting small goals as opposed to making big changes or trying to tackle big goals, and it is absolutely the time for cutting yourself some slack.

Words associated with thriving include “flourishing”, “prospering”, and “growth” [1]. To thrive in Level 4 Lockdown would be to flourish within your circumstances, growing vigorously, progressing towards and achieving goals, and prospering as an individual within your situation.