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How regular exercise increases productivity.

How regular exercise increases productivity.

There are many benefits to regular exercise other than just weight loss or staying in shape. Exercise can help improve all aspects of your life, including work productivity. Being productive and switched on at work can help you get your job done faster and even make your chances to move up the ranks higher. In this blog we look at the benefits of regular fitness and how it can help your work life.

1.Alertness and Energy

Exercise can boost productivity by making you more alert. When you exercise, you are also increasing blood flow to the brain, which can help sharpen your awareness and make you more ready to tackle your next big project. Exercise gives you more energy, which means you will feel more awake at work. Being on top of your game will assure that you perform your work correctly and to the best of your ability. I know that sometimes our schedule get in the way and we don’t have the time to exercise, but we could start to implement small changes such as walking/jogging during your lunch period or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

2.Optimum Physical Health

Taking your health to the next level will help improve your overall work ability. Not only can exercising help reduce body weight and the risk for certain medical conditions, you also will have improved cardiovascular health, which will give you more stamina to meet the physical demands of your job. This will also reduce your risk of becoming injured on the job.

3.Improves Mental Health

One way to be more productive on the job is to have improved mental health. Regular exercise can help curb feelings of anxiety and depression. When you exercise, your brain releases serotonin that helps you feel better and improves your state of mind, making the stresses of work easier to handle. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that sends messages to the body to stimulate mood and emotion. Studies have proven regular exercise may also help you better deal with stress – which is common in the workplace. When you are able to deal with stress constructively, it can lead to improved relationships with your co-workers and a more secure future with your employer.

4.Battles Illness

Regular exercise like : running, weight lifting, swimming or jogging can help reduce your risk of developing certain types of illness and disease. This means fewer sick days at work. This comes down to establishing a stronger immune system which will help minimise your chances for getting the flu and the common cold. Exercise also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease – all of which can interfere with work productivity. So there you have it, some insight on how regular exercise can help with productivity at work, stay tuned next time for our next blog on the “ benefits of exercise”

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