Early Morning Workouts and the Benefits.

Yep… I know, I have been there. You set your alarm, lay out your workout gear with the plan that you are going to hit the class first thing in the morning… 

An Early Morning Sweat out and it’s Benefits.

Yep… I know, I have been there. You set your alarm, lay out your workout gear with the plan that you are going to hit the class first thing in the morning… 

However a nights sleep goes by and your alarm is going off and you roll over and think to yourself “this bed is so comfy and more sleep is better”.


However, choosing to stay in bed could mean you’re missing out on some great benefits of early morning exercise.

Establishing Consistency 

There are so many benefits to training in the morning, the first being that it builds consistency and discipline. 

Before your busy or sometimes chaotic work day starts, you are already in taking care of yourself both physically and mentally, so that afterwards you can focus on the other priorities of your life.

By coming in the mornings, you are eliminating the opportunity for any distractions to interfere with your workout plans for the day, making it much easier to remain consistent. If we look at the discipline side of things, this is getting created by getting up early and attacking your workout while it’s still breaking into daylight. 

Kick Start your Metabolism

Another benefit is that training in the morning will kick start your metabolism and help to give you energy for the day. Working out increases your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours.


You’ll leave feeling energised knowing that you’ve already taken care of yourself for the day! 

And you will find you will more then likely make healthier choices throughout the day with eating and water consumption. 

Avoid the Night Time Rush 

You will find training in the morning, you will avoid the more hectic evenings when everyone comes in to smash out the “daily workout or do “extra training”. 

Don’t get me wrong a lot of people love this, however we understand it’s not for everyone and some people just want a good old fashion workout with likeminded people. 

So if you’re someone that likes things a little calmer, the morning is perfect for you!

Get in and Hang Out 

Lastly, what is better than starting your day off with one of the Kia Maia coaches who are always ready to get you energised and prepared for the day.

So if you’re one of those people that struggles finding time in the evenings to get a consistent workout plan together, or one of those people that needs an extra kick in the right direction to get your day started, we encourage you to come check out the morning classes.

You may have to go to bed and get up a little bit earlier, but give it a shot and see how it affects the rest of your day!

Want to Try CrossFit? 

Check out our class timetable for a morning workout that you can try.  

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