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How to motivate yourself through lockdown

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

So we are almost 2 weeks down and if we are going by the initial "4 week outline" ... we are half way. we thought it was a good time to write about a few tips that could...

A) keep us motivated and our eyes on the prize with our training and goals. OR B) Get us motivated and excited to up our training so when we return to the gym, our bodies and fitness levels are up to the tasks of the sessions... So if we are going with scenario A: start to write down what you want to accomplish this year into 3 timelines 6 weeks : 12 weeks : 6 months : then from there put things into place to start working towards them, introduce 5-10min skill pieces as warm ups/ cool downs to the daily programming. if you want to get stronger prioritise the lifting/ strength parts over the conditioning pieces or if its fitness you crave then do the opposite and prioritise the longer metabolic/ conditioning pieces. Don't be afraid to dial certain movements back and really work on skills, positions and executions. Get in touch with a coach, training partner or someone you can share results, lifts and eating results with, this will not only help in accountability but also motivation as they will give you times and expectations to meet. Share your workouts, successes and everything training on social media if it helps and make your time training through the day something you look forward to and let nothing get in the way of it... you deserve this time... so protect it. If you are finding it hard to work out and stay motivated because you don't have a "gym" to go to or a certain class time with a coach, then this part is for you.... You could take all the tips that I mentioned above and also add these into...

1: Don't look at the "training" at the time as a chore or something you HAVE to do... but something you look forward to each day and something you GET to do... block it out in your diary or get up that extra 60 minutes earlier to get the program in . 2: Use the next 2 weeks to fire up your training and say to yourself that this is my time to get my S..T sorted so when I step back into the gym I'm going to be in great shape to take my training to the next level, my body is going to be prepared and I'm going to be facing that dreaded "first week soreness".

3. Please don't use the excuse of "I don't have enough equipment", trust me you don't need 7 rowers, airdynes, and ski ergs to get a magical workout... you can get something very effective put together with a weighted object, running, skipping and dare I say "burpees"... We didn't always have all the gear Kia Maia has today, we literally opened up with 8 barbells, a pull up rig, some rubber mats, a few Kettlebells/wall balls and 2 rusty old rowers... that's it. So trust me when we say the programs you have will work. 4. Fine tune your nutrition and get use to tracking your "macros' no you don't have to eat like a "in season bodybuilding" but what this does is it teaches you portion control and what you can sub in and out if you wanted to have a "treat' or a few beverages. 5. Jump in on some of the online platforms that are out there, we (CrossFit Kia Maia) offer daily zoom classes where you can workout with the other community members and have that interaction, and if that doesn't work with your timetable then we have a "facebook page" that has our daily workouts and the scoreboard interactions like a class. So there you go team, we hope this helps and this can give you some processes to put in motion to keep or get you motivated. Don't be afraid to get in touch with a coach if you have any questions or need some guidance. Cheers team


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