We are a strength and conditioning facility that is based in Wairau Valley on Auckland’s North shore, Our main

focus is creating a safe and friendly environment where our members feel comfortable and welcome to train. We specialise in group fitness, personal training, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, strength and conditioning and overall health, fitness and wellbeing.


CrossFit combines group fitness, personal training, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, strength and conditioning and overall health, fitness & wellbeing and puts it all together in a complete 60m workout which changes daily. 


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Personal Training sessions are structured to suit your individual needs. In these one-on-one sessions, the trainer’s attention is fully focused on you. You will get the chance to ask more questions and the trainer can go into more depth on technical aspects.


Private coaching enables you to progress even faster towards improved performance whether that be for competitive pursuits, rehabilitation or skill-specific work. Our experienced team of coaches bring a wide range of backgrounds and leading industry knowledge to your training. 

To see our range of coaches and more information on Personal training check out the Holdfast Strength and Conditioning site bellow:


Mums and Bubs CrossFit classes are designed for busy parents and post-pregnant ladies wanting to get back into shape. These classes are where we take your fitness goals and make them a reality.

Spaces are limited to 12 people per class and if you can't find a sitter for the little ones we welcome them to the gym to hang out in our kid's area while you train. 



Carrying a broad disc bulge (aka - dodgy back) I found the movements I've learnt have drastically strengthened my core and back, which not only helped with my recreational hunting but wellbeing in general. I have found myself most mornings at crazy o'clock surrounded by great friends pushing themselves through the daily WOD. There is no attitude or judgement which tends to occur at some gyms making Crossfit Kia Maia an encouraging and friendly environment. What more can I say, we have it all really - great coaches, great equipment, great people and all that adds up to making working out a heap of fun.


I would not consider myself a fulltime CrossFit athlete, but I love to incorporate WOD's into my regular training regime. I used to visit various gyms for classes but since discovering the crew down at KM I have not been to another Crossfit gym. Immediately I felt welcomed and begun chatting with the rest of the class as if I was a fulltime member. It really is an awesome facility paired with an amazing group of coaches and members that make training there something I always look forward to. 


I’ve been CrossFitting on and off for the last 6 years. It all started off as a way to get me out of bed after dealing with long workdays, sleep deprivation and jet lag…which are just a few common side effects for a Flight Attendant. I began to feel more accountable for getting myself out of my zombie jetlag state by forcing myself to the gym and achieve a better lifestyle balance. I enjoy that every workout is so different and I never become complacent. Crossfit holds me accountable in many ways and I find I recover from jetlag quicker, achieve better sleep quality, eat cleaner and all-round keeps me sane after saying hello, goodbye, tea and coffee to 600 customers on a regular basis.